A Wolf In The Doorway

by Ballroom Thieves

  • Anchors
  • Bullet
  • Wild Woman
  1. Archers
  2. Lantern
  3. Bullet
  4. Saint Monica
  5. Wild Woman
  6. Oars To The Sea
  7. Bury Me Smiling
  8. The Loneliness Waltz
  9. Here I Stane
  10. Anchors
  11. Oak
  12. Wolf


  • Ballroom Thieves: Portrait of a Working Band


    Back in April, Matthew Lomanno Photography joined us on tour to capture some behind-the-scenes shots of life in the Thieves camp. We packed up our merch for a 5 week tour. We rehearsed at a family home. We took 200 pre-orders for A Wolf in the Doorway to the post office on tax day. We played sessions at two Boston radio stations. We played three shows in New England. Our van broke down. It was a crazy, hectic, fun week and we’re so thrilled with how Matthew tells the story of being a working musician through his images.

    Check out the full photo set as well as some words from Matthew at the link below.

    Photo Essay (click here)

  • The Ballroom Thieves “A Wolf In The Doorway” comes out on Tuesday April 21st!

    Pre-order / purchase from Amazon or iTunes

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