North Of Despair

by Wood & Wire

  1. Kingpin
  2. Eliza
  3. North Of Despair
  4. Summertime Rolls
  5. As Good As It Gets
  6. Just Don't Make 'Em
  7. Texas
  8. Awake In The Wake
  9. Lies & Money
  10. Wingding
  11. Out With The Tide


  • Whoopee! Wood & Wire on your Grammy nomination!!

  • New Wood & Wire Video for "Kingpin" !

    Posted courtesy of Relix Magazine-

  • "Eliza" drops for Wood & Wire

    “A few years back, we were driving home to Austin from East Texas and drove past a woman who looked to be in her 70s, carrying a wheelbarrow of rocks across her yard. I conjured up a story about her metaphorically representing the many strong and supportive women in our professional and personal lives. Of special note – the ‘hey’ at the end was taken from a live recording of the audience at Utopiafest in Utopia, TX during our set!”
    click here for “Eliza” Courtesy of Bluegrass Today

  • Wood & Wire "Just Don't Make 'Em" Video Debut!

    From the forthcoming album “North of Despair” Streetdate: April 13, 2018

  • Wood & Wire "North of Despair" pre-order available now!! wooo hooo!

    You can pre order the album on I TUNES
    or AMAZON

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