Together Alone

by Sarah Borges

In the early months of 2020, the life-altering global pandemic began to hit hard, and for performers, the crisis not only suddenly, jarringly halted tours or any shows large or small, but also quashed the creative chemistry that comes from musicians getting together and jamming in the same room.
As an artist whose lifeblood flowed from real-life exchanges of camaraderie and community, Boston-based Sarah Borges was faced with perhaps the most daunting question of her professional career: How to connect and continue as a vital and viable working artist amid a frightfully uncertain future fraught with unknowns. that’s where the aptly named brand new album, “Together Alone” comes in.
In a true-life twist on the old saying, “when life gives you lemons …,” a homebound Borges did the one thing she knew how to do better than almost anything else, she picked up her guitar and started writing songs. Ultimately, if “Together Alone” carries any message or lesson, it’s about finding the courage to face the hard times head-on and not give in or up. And it’s about caring enough to bring the things that you miss, and that matter, back to life.

  1. Wasting My Time
  2. Lucky Day
  3. Wouldn't Know You
  4. Something To Do
  5. Rock And Roll Hour
  6. She's A Trucker
  7. 13th Floor
  8. You Got Me On The Boat
  9. Pretty Christine
  10. Together Alone

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